Spiritual teaching & guidance/ Guided Meditation

The vision of spiritual traditions is to offer real tools and coping strategies on the journey of awakening.

We believe that all authentic spiritual traditions, at their core, are committed to the common values of peace, tolerance, wisdom, compassionate service, and love for all creation. Revolutionize honors and celebrates all paths that recognize these values, including those that have no basis whatsoever in religion. Whatever our diversity, we all share a common experience that is universal. Sacred time out from the business of life enables one to develop a sense of personal spirituality and creates a practice suited to our own needs. There is no specific doctrine with respect to matters of faith that is espoused, as this time is guided by you, however many perspectives are shared to provide informed choice. An Interfaith approach advocates the absolute right to freedom of religion. We cultivate what roots you that can then nourish your definition of faith.

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