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Spirituality is Connection

In preparing for a talk on the relevance of Spirituality in Recovery from Addiction I came across and some questions that physicians and psychiatrist supporting patients with mental health concerns could pose to their patients on the subject.

Here are the questions to ponder and journal about:

What gives your life purpose and meaning?

What do you hold on to during difficult times?

What sustains you and keeps you going?

What aspects of your spirituality or spiritual practices do you find most helpful to you personally?

Most of this is applicable to everyday life, as at the core are we not all wanting to grow past what keeps us stuck?

Spirituality ultimately reflects a belief that life has meaning and purpose. The condition that leads to addiction and some illnesses is a disconnection. Spirituality is about Connection. It’s not a religion with a format and rules or guidelines to follow or even something specific to believe in. It is instead about the experience of true connection.

So here’s a final question I ask you: What does connection mean to you?

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