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In The Beginning

"Be content with what you are sure of. And the only thing you can be sure of is "I am". Stay with it and reject everything else. This is Yoga. (Chapter 36)

Love says: "I am everything". Wisdom says: "I am nothing". Between the two my life flows." (Chapter 57) Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"In the beginning... God created the heavens and the earth." (the very first words of Genesis - the first book of the Bible). Tai Chi (a Taoist practice) teaches that we begin withholding the ball of infinite possibilities. In the beginning, there was but one, the great I Am. Out of this rose the Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine dynamic and from there rose the ten thousand things. The push and pull of life, the pulsing heartbeat of inward and outward, like breathing.

In the beginning, we were formless and from the yin and yang of things our body arose. At first but cells that grew and grew beyond ten thousand cells into a yet born infant, floating in the bliss of our mother’s womb, listening to the music of her heartbeat. Our first awareness is of that primordial heartbeat returning us ever to the rhythm of life.

So today and each day, we begin anew. In fact each moment we can begin anew. All we have to do is follow our breath and heartbeat, the original prayer... back home to ourselves, to the One that held us before we were "us".

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