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Pamela Grace Raddatz is a therapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Dundas/Hamilton, Ontario. She has 25 years of counseling experience specializing in mental health and addiction concerns, including 14 years’ experience in holistic modalities geared to treat the whole person. She is an RSSW (Registered Social Service Worker) and Psychotherapist as well as a Reiki Master and Certified Yoga Teacher. In 2006, Pam was ordained as an interfaith minister with a focus on ceremonies and spiritual direction. Pamela is well versed in best practices and affirmative, solution focused therapies.

“Hi there. I would say my journey began at my birth with the family I was born into. My parents were evangelical ministers. Try as I might, spirituality was bred into me. My journey to finding a framework that worked for me became a focus from the time I was a teen and became woven into my own healing and my work as a therapist. From rebellion, to education, to marriage and parenthood and so much more, I am made of many stories along the way.

Part of my additional education was spent coaching women and their partners through labour as well as families through illness and creating and officiating ceremonies to honor the loss of loved ones. We all feel pain and confusion on all levels. We all go through periods of darkness and despair unable to see clearly or know what steps to take next. By owning that which we are inclined to reject, our shadows and traumas, our pain and confusion – we find the treasure that was buried by our pushing away those conflicted parts. Conflict within ourselves will always be mirrored in our relationships with others and even our environment.  Allow me to support you through the darkness of uncertainty and into the light of clarity.  You are not alone. I've got your back, your pain, your process and your transformation. Even your breath.”- Rev Pam

Additional services available although not under the umbrella of the OCSWSSW practice policy are somatic therapies that include yoga and Reiki to assist you in deepening your healing, alignment and connection.

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